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Headquartered in Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada, Range Helicopters Inc. (RH) is a VFR operator providing chartered services for passengers and cargo to private sector companies and governments throughout the Canada. With a fleet of a Bell 206 series helicopter and the AS350B2 we maintain a reputation for safety and professionalism while providing a diverse range of specialized services with an outstanding safety and operating record. We are committed to providing maximum value to our clients while ensuring that we cause no harm to the environment in which we operate, the people and property around us, or the reputations of our company or clients in everything we do. It is our belief that our unique qualifications, uncompromising commitment to safety and quality service, superior equipment and employees allows RH to make this commitment daily to each and every client and we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment. Our primary priorities have been, and will continue to be, safety, quality and outstanding service.

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Box 5447
Drayton Valley, Alberta
T7A 1R5

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49217 RR71 Drayton Valley